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Our Week

Monday - Thursday 

From Monday - Thursday your student will spend their mornings studying core skills in Mathematics and English.  In the afternoons, their time will be spent on special subjects like aviation, art, and Spanish, and on practical projects in the Humanities and Sciences.

But they won't just be stretching their mental muscles. Every day our students will be outside for project work, Physical Education class, and just having fun in our large outdoor spaces.



On Fridays students put the theory they have learned in their Core  Classes and Explorations into practice.  They also participate in House activities, learn new skills, and work on important personal growth and service projects. 

In 2023-24 year we will begin our day with challenges that that reinforce and advance our lessons learned in Math and English classes. We will also participate in House activities. 


In the afternoon students might then venture out to explore a local park, factory, or museum.  They will put their skills to the test in real world scenarios as they perform expermiments, take their battle robots for a spin, or create amazing art.

Animal encounters are also a large part of our Fridays, as students learn so much about themselves and their ability to have a positive impact through caring for smaller creatures.


This year we have helped disabled dogs and visited Freebird Farm. In 2023-24 we are going to add some more variety to our offerings.  We will visit native wildlife centres, volunteer at animal shelters, and take excursions to interact with creatures in a variety of habitiats.

Students are transported by the school to and from all activities.

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