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Lower School Enrollment Options

We are offering full-time and part-time options.


Full-Time (Five full days)

Four days a week full-time students will have core classes and a physical education class in the morning.  After lunch, students will enjoy one of their 'specials' (art, robotics, Spanish etc) and then participate in their 'Explorations' (Science and Humanities unit studies). They will spend Fridays at our Encounter Lab at Freebird Farm.

Part-Time (Two half days)

  • Option 1: 12:40 - 3:30 Monday and Wednesday

    • Humanities Units + 1 Special​

  • Option 2: 12:40 - 3:30 Tuesday and Thursday 

    • Science Units + 1 Special​

  • Add on: Fridays at the Encounter Lab  (limited number of spots available)


Two days a week part-time students will join the school after lunch for 'specials' (art, robotics, Spanish etc) and then participate in our ‘Explorations’ (unit studies in Humanities or Sciences). 


Our Encounter Lab Fridays are generally reserved for full-time students, however, there may be space available for a small number of part-time students.  

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Application Procedure

Step 1: Application Form, transcript from current school, & Fee $150

Step 2: Family Interviews, April.

Step 3: Testing, May.

Step 4: Admissions Letter, May.

Tuition Details

2022-2023 Full-time Tuition:  $8,595 per year


Part-time two days - 12:40 - 3:30: $2,900 per year

Monday & Wednesday (Humanities & four 9 week specials)


Tuesday & Thursday (Science & Spanish)

Part time four days: $5,800


Part-time two days + Encounter Lab Fridays: $4,100 per year

(First priority for Fridays is given to full-time students, but you can be waitlisted)

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